Under Construction; version 0.1

Z-Prize – For the best Open Source Electric Vehicle Innovations

Have you ever thought you've made a cool DIY EV construction others should benefit too? Or do you have a fantastic idea you would like to really develop if you had the time and money? Perhaps you are an engineering student looking for a focused, yet challenging technical problem to be solved?

Or maybe you have just made a full conversion that is irresistible cool, rational and a whole package.

In either case, it might be that you should take advantage of the Z-Prize competition.

But Z-Prize contest isn't just about innovation. It's about contribution. Let's say you have built a nice hub motor. It may not have any ground-breaking innovations, yet your decision to give it to the whole world to use for free is a significant contribution that we think should be rewarded.

Z-Prize is so open that we announce it even before we have the money, the deadline, the competition categories and criteria! Having said that, with this 0.1 version opening, we won't be advertising much. Just to get the word out for some early enthusiasts to get ready.

And so the Z-Prize project will evolve. Openly, right from the start. It's because we believe in open innovation and open development processes. We really think this is a good way to get the thing going from the grass-roots point of view. Start small and build from that. No promises, just give it a try.

The priZe to start with? - How about 100 euros? Doesn't sound a lot? It's not!
It's just my seeding promise to start with. You may come along with higher offering, or ask your "I already made my IT millions" friend to support so cool competition. ;-)

Developing the Z-Prize project can be discussed HERE.

Let the Innovation & Contribution for the best of mankind begin!

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