Why an electric car?

Help for climate change

  • Electric car can be charged with renewable energy, minimizing the emissions.
  • Any electricity production method cuts down greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Electricity can be produced locally even by yourself. Distributed and clean energy production.

Solution to many problems

  • With electric car you aren't a part of the problem but a part of the solution
    • City pollution
    • Environmental damages caused by oil and gasoline
    • Oil reserves are drying up
    • Oil wars
    • Dependency on import energy

Super EcoCar

* Hydrogen, biofuel and hybrid cars are left far behind…

Energy efficient

  • In electric motor over 95% of electricity is transformed to movement (fuel engine is around 20-30%).
  • Electric car travels twice as far as the others with the same amount of energy.


  • Driving is three times cheaper per kilometer than with gasoline.
  • Less energy is used and electricity is cheaper compared to fuels.
  • Needs very little maintenance and spare parts.
  • A handful of moving parts (hundreds in a fuel engine).
  • No gearbox, no clutch, no oil changes…
  • Electric motor can last over a million kilometers.
  • Every braking brings energy back to batteries.


  • Maximum torque from the start.
  • Smooth acceleration: no need for a gearbox!
  • Power for acceleration not directly related to consumption => comfort and economy in the same package.
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