Energy Efficient

Electric motor transforms up to 95% of electricity to movement

Electric car technology is superior to other automotive technologies when compared in energy economy. 95% operating efficiency of an electric motor leaves the fuel engines far behind, as they waste 70-80 % of the energy as heat and wearing out the parts.

High total operating efficiency

Total operating efficiency (well-to-wheel) tells how much of the originally produced energy can be used as the motive force of the car. Calculating that includes all the expenses and losses involved in energy production and distribution. Even in this kind of analysis the electric car is over two times more efficient than the others.


Most of the money you use to fill up is wasted

When you are buying gasoline or diesel fuel to your car, you are buying energy that you can travel from plave A to place B. 70-80% of the used money is burning away because of a poor efficiency and only 20-30% of it is moving the car. See our reference calculation: Ecars - Now!: development of electricity need during transition to electric cars

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