With electricity one can drive three times cheaper

  • Electric car consumes much less energy than fuel car
  • Electricity is relatively cheaper than fuel

Small maintenance costs

  • No repeated engine repairs (there's only one moving part in an electric motor)
  • Traditional "oil change services" are history:
    • No need to repair the exhaust pipe
    • No oil changes
    • No filter changes
    • Not as much brake services (if there is a regenerative braking system)

Try our counter and figure out how much you could save with electricity in ten years!

Some math…

  • Electric car uses about 10-15 kWh in 100 kilometers
  • that is equivalent to about 2,3 liters of fuel
  • when charged from an electric outlet at home that "fuel" costs about 0,74 euros per liter

Question: how much it will cost to drive 100 kilometers with an electric car?

Answer: sorue owt rednu (read from right to left)

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