Help with climate change

1 liter of gasoline = 2,4 kg carbon dioxide (CO2)

CO2 is one of the worst greenhouse gases that accelerate climate change. Road traffic is responsible for one fifth of CO2 emissions: one liter of gasoline produces 2,4 kilograms of CO2 - a mid-size car produces thousands of kilograms CO2.


Zero emissions with electric car

Electric car is the only car that can turn your car-based CO2 emissions to zero. You can drive with electricity that is generated with wind power or hydro power - with a clear conscience!

100 000 electric cars would use only 0,5% of Finland's electricity consumption.

What a phased transition to electric cars would mean to electricity consumption in Finland? When the size of the electric car base starts to matter? Please see our reference calculation:
Ecars now!: development of electricity need during transition to electric cars

Would you like to know more about electric car emissions?

A view to the latest studies: Sherry Boschert: Well-to-Wheels Emissions Data for Plug-In Hybrids and Electric Vehicles an Overview

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