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India is the place where the battle for the climate change will be lost or won. TATA nano may be the last nail into the coffin, so to speak. What could be done in India? Possibly several hundred million people want to climb into the middle class, and to do that they want to buy a car, a cheap car. Doesn't matter what the driving cost is, just the price of the car. What could be done by electrification?

Perhaps a battery cooperative, perhaps some sort of leasing system together with the Grameen bank to divide the high starting cost of the batteries over a longer period of time? One suggestion is that there should be a local conversion of Maruti800, possibly the most common car in India. While with Maruti, it may be the gasoline that costs, not the car, the conversion should still be dirt cheap. Any ideas? ;-)

Contact moc.liamg|aidnIwoNsraCe#moc.liamg|aidnIwoNsraCe to join the EV revolution in India!

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