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While the eCars - Now! project aims to grow a truly global community with global action, some things work best with local orientation. Internet is wonderful, but we still want to meet other people face-to-face. When it comes to converting cars, there has to be a local garage for the enthusiast to really get a grip what's in it. A conversion project needs to happen in some place.

Also, the project plans for mass conversions with people ordering the components beforehand. Now who would spend 20 000 euros or dollars for a car-to-be, without a possibility to test drive it first? So local eCorolla prototypes are needed in the first phase. The same is true with the informing of the project and the EV conversion questionnaire; they work the best with the local language.

Local groups

Web page:
Contact person: Nick King
Contact email: moc.liamg|ailartsuAwoNsraCe#moc.liamg|ailartsuAwoNsraCe

Web page:
Contact person: Plamen Petrov
Contact email: moc.liamg|airagluBwoNsraCe#moc.liamg|airagluBwoNsraCe

Contact person: Douglas Brown
Contact email: moc.liamg|adanaCwoNsraCe#moc.liamg|adanaCwoNsraCe

Web page:
Contact person: Michael Fowler
Contact email: moc.liamg|kramneDwoNsraCe#moc.liamg|kramneDwoNsraCe

Web page:
Contact person: Santeri Lanér
Contact email: moc.liamg|totuaokhas#moc.liamg|totuaokhas
Mailing list:

Web page:
Contact person: Ruediger Hild
Contact email: moc.liamg|ynamreGwoNsraCe#moc.liamg|ynamreGwoNsraCe

Web page:
Contact person: Himanshu Himanshu
Contact email: moc.liamg|aidnIwoNsraCe#moc.liamg|aidnIwoNsraCe

Web page:
Contact person: Roberto Vezzi
Contact email: moc.liamg|ylatIwoNsraCe#moc.liamg|ylatIwoNsraCe

Contact person: Kaspars Gražulis
Contact email: moc.liamg|aivtaLwoNsraCe#moc.liamg|aivtaLwoNsraCe

Web page:
Contact person: Victor Krasnyansky
Contact email: moc.liamg|aissuRwoNsraCe#moc.liamg|aissuRwoNsraCe
Phone: +7 812 3242758, +7 812 9236003

Web page:
Contact person: Alex Basualdo
Contact email: moc.liamg|niapSwoNsraCe#moc.liamg|niapSwoNsraCe

Web page:
Contact person: Lars Holmberg
Contact email: moc.liamg|nedewSwoNsraCe#moc.liamg|nedewSwoNsraCe

Contact person: Göker Ariyak
Contact email: moc.liamg|yekruTwoNsraCe#moc.liamg|yekruTwoNsraCe
Mailing list:

Contact person: Brian Chesney
Contact email: moc.liamg|ASUwoNsraCe#moc.liamg|ASUwoNsraCe
Mailing list:
Web page:
Contact person: Timothy Hitchcock
Contact email: moc.liamg|ainrofilaCwoNsraCe#moc.liamg|ainrofilaCwoNsraCe

Didn't find a contact person for your country?
mail us at: moc.liamg|woNsraCe#moc.liamg|woNsraCe

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