As the world wouldn't be at the edge for the wild outbreak of the runaway greenhouse effect enough, there lies yet another threat to mankind, a small car with a paramount effect. - We are talking about TATA nano, the world's cheapest car-to-be.

It's nice and it's nasty !

With the population of 1 billion people and the average economic growth of 8% per year, there are around 200 million people in the India's middle class who would like to own a car. What better measure to know that you have entered the middle class than a shiny new car?

Can't really blame any person for that, perhaps the car company at most. So with the small car's relatively big 5.1 litres/100km consumption it's a goodbye for the last hopes to stop the global warming, I guess.. or is it? Does it have to be so? ..what if we gave a helping hand?
What if, we created an all electric TATA nano for the people, for the company? - Could it be done??

But could it be electric ?

Car conversions has been done reputedly from all sorts of cars. Surely TATA nano can be converted. Many people could do that. - In fact, why would we stick ourselves at the center of the eCars - Now! ameba to devise how to do it and what components to use? - Again, why not to make it a competition? The more there would be new professionals, student teams and plain mavericks to join the race, the more possibilities for a movement! :-)

What may come out of it, you may ask. (And so do I.) Nothing is guaranteed, of course, but I personally think the stakes are growing so high we must try all possible means. Honestly, I don't know what else could we do. The good news is that the electric nano doesn't need big business, doesn't need big decisions or big money. Just regular people like you and me joining here and putting what we can together to see if we can pull it out.

We could achieve this

a) TATA nano electric would show the world that the company could do the same. It's not too late to revise the industrial plans!!
b) With open source technology, the price of the electric nano can become cheaper and results could be tapped out-of-the-box.
c) The competition itself could draw a great attention towards the development of electric cars, especially at the low-end prices.

Fine then, first we convert the TATA nano and then we convert Mr. Ratan Tata. But from where to get the money?
- from you and me. Just like the car, the project doesn't need to be big to be effective. Just tell-a-sum of how much you could give for the nano conversion and we'll get the ball rolling.

The winning car could go to GreenPeace, WWF or any other organization willing to promote the nano electric the most and that has done the best work in spreading the news of the competition from the beginning. To maximize credibility and minimize bureaucracy, the actual money transfer could happen in the partner organization's web site.

At this stage, this is it. What is ready for the project is written here.

We have already done:

  • Reserved the domain
  • Written an animation storyboard for the project ideas and reshaped it with an award winning screenwriter and professional animator
  • Programmed an innovative code where the supporting participant gives two figures and email address: First, the lowest amount of money you would give to the competition. Second, the highest possible sum you could give if it would depend on that. The low-figure is then respected as a binding promise. (Well, not legally binding, but morally anyhow.) The mail to fulfill the people's monetary promises would be sent only after it was guaranteed that the budget is sound.

If you want to participate the nanofundnano project as an animator, web designer or what specialities you may have, please write to us at: moc.liamg|woNsraCe#moc.liamg|woNsraCe

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