Zprize: mission Zero emission

Zprize is the open competition venue for the open source electric conversion. The purpose of the competition is to set out goals that might seem impractical but also innovative and inspiring. It's purpose is to explore new areas for electric vehicle conversion.

The first Zprize competition is called nanofundnano: How to convert the TATA nano into electric?

Like most things in the eCars - Now! community, the development of the competition is open and transparent. We don't yet have the timeline, criterias for the winner(s) or the money. But we don't need to have at this point. This is only 0.2 version of the competition, meaning that full 1.0 version has all the details worked out and the race is on. Yet the nanofundnano competition will work on its own right since that competition has it's own built-in funding mechanism.

At this point the funding mechanism for the nanofundnano is for sure, like the name says. It's going to be nanofunded. If funded enough, the competition could have two rounds; meaning that the first round would be decided based on literal conversion plan and the competition would fund the nominees components. Also, instead of having one set of criterias that all participants should follow, the competition might be split into three categories: High-end, for showing what's possible to get out of this car and for low-end, studying the possibilities for cheap conversion and thirdly industrial one, not so much oriented on the conversion on consumer level but rather redesigning the car to be full electric.

At this point, however we start it simple. One round, everyone pays for their own conversion.

Further Zprize competitions might include, for example a bus or bicycle conversion competition. It may have a competition for the best open source IT tool for conversion or It may be a competition for all the technical schools around the world; who would make the most far-reaching and potent conversion teaching.

The common thing to all forthcoming Zprize competitions is that the works will be evaluated by a team of the world's most prominent conversion experts.

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