eCorolla conversion guide

This conversion guide is version 0.14
Once the eCorolla conversion guide reaches version 1.0, it should be able to tell you how to convert Toyota Corolla into eCorolla, step-by-step.

The preliminary stages of the guide can give you a good look on the technology and the solutions.
The working document stored at Google docs.

01 Foreword
02 List of Parts and expenses
03 Taxes and paperwork
04 Conversion contract
05 Removing combustion engine, gearbox and exhaustion pipes
06 New electric engine chassis
07 Toyota Corolla © engine compartment
08 Electric Assembly
09 Compartment Chassis welding
10 Transmission
11 Electric motor
12 Battery pack
13 Cabling
14 Heater
15 Software and computers
16 Diagnostics
17 English-Finnish terms glossary

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