eCorolla - Electric Toyota Corolla

Car properties(*)

  • Driving range: 150 km (with an extra battery pack 300 km)
  • chassis: can be selected (sedan/hatchback/wagon)
  • performance: matches an internal combustion engine (ICE)
  • brakes: car's original + regenerating
  • security options: car's original
  • color: can be selected
  • options: can be selected
  • computer: included

Technology (chosen for the proto phase)


  • First prototype will be on the road in 2009.

Mode of production


Toyota Corolla is converted to an electric car by removing internal combustion engine and all related parts, replacing them with top-of-the-line electric vehicle technology and lithium batteries. Cars will be produced in series by creating a modular installation kit which allows quick replacement of the ICE technology.

Production progress

1. Initial survey
2. Car type selection
3. Prototype manufacturing (we're here)
4. Selecting the vendors
5. Binding orders
6. Cars complete
7. Cars in use
More information?
  • See the eCorolla VIDEO PRESENTATION!
  • For those who filled the questionnaire and supplied their e-mail address we will send automatic updates about the project's progress.
  • The phases of the car completion are also reported in project blog Random EV.

(*) The given values for car properties are desired values. The properties will be refined during prototype tests.

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