Ecars Calculator

Would you know what a converted electric car will cost?
How about the usage expenses compared to your current car?


Try the handy eCar calculator!

Instructions for using the calculator!

  1. Enter the price of the car to be converted in the exporting country (that's where it's worthwhile to get from, links from here) for example)
  2. Enter the kilometers that you drive in one year.
  3. Adjust fuel and the prices of fuel and electricity.
  4. Press "Calculate".
  5. Read the surprising results. See the yearly savings behind the parenthesis!

Note 1: The calculator is suggestive and it is meant to illustrate how the expense difference builds up.

Note 2: The calculation is based on amount of yearly total kilometers which is used to calculate the daily driving distance. The calculator selects the battery pack size based on daily driving distance. More than one charge is needed if you want to drive more than that.

Note 3: The handiest place to check the electricity price is from your own electricity bill. Take possible energy and transfer fees and electricity taxes into account when calculating the price per kilowatthour.

For the curious ones - the code for the calculator is in here.

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