eGUI - The standard interface for eCars

There are few components of controlling the eCars.Now!-system. They have been named eECU and eGUI.

eECU stands for

The eGUI is a Graphical User Interface for all eCars. It is open source based on…

eECU is the low-level component. It is there to communicate with different in-car systems. It can communicate with motor-controller, BMS, car-CAN. It is "mission critical" component - if it fails, car doesn't move (at least our prototypes don't move). It controls motor controller via CAN-messages. It also acts as a "bridge" between high-level system (eGUI) and all the low-level stuff in the car. eECU is there for the car - car needs it to move. User doesn't interface with eECU - well, actually forward/reverse/free switch is connected to eECU, but driver doesn't know that.

eGUI is there for the driver. It provides interface for cars functions, in a way driver can handle. If driver want's, he/she can also configure the system via the eGUI "configuration screens". In normal driving mode, there is only black screen showing the driving range left. Everything else is hidden, including all little techical details like ampers, voltage etc. etc. found in many "normal" DIY EV's. Car can move without eGUI at all. It doesn't take any part in the driving of the car, it acts as "multimeter" of the car's system. Yet it should be as simple and "slick" as possible. Nothing "geeky" or anything like that in normal driving-modes. But certainly there could be "techie" variant of eGUI displays. There could be "space ship" feeling in them - anything goes, after we get these first prototypes to rock and roll - moving.

eGUI communicates with eECU, and eECU communicates with actual hardware. eECU is needed for driving the car, eGUI is not needed.

(The need to have eECU comes actually from the fact that we have Azures controller model that cannot be controlled from potentiometer at all. All the commands -must- be issued through CAN-bus. This was chosen because someone wanted the ability to "tweak" the controller parameters via CAN-bus. Azure-system is offering either potentiometer or CAN-bus in their controllers - not both.)

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