The eCars - Now! Mission Statement

Electricity – the ultimate weapon against climate change

During the 20th century the highways were dominated by petrol cars.
All those years the environment was polluted with exhaust fumes, and the motorists were been kept dependent on gas pumps. All this time a better technology was waiting for it’s time to come; a technology which was, and is, much more quiet, clean, energy-efficient and also has better endurance.

Now, the next generation of electric cars is rolling out to the highways, and now they come with an adequate range and performance. The technological barriers have been striken down but the economical restrictions still remain. New electric cars on the market are either outrageously expensive, or next to impossible to purchase. Meantime the car industry is shilly-shallying with whether to start mass production or not, even thought it would be the only reasonable way to bring down the price of an electric car. Or would it..?

Electric car as a people’s car

Electric Cars – Now! Is a collective venture, which will make electric cars affordable to everybody. The project’s key to success is to gain a critical mass of consumers who desire an electric car. Various professionals working within the project are offering their expertise as attorneys of the consumer, when terms of mass production are been negotiated.

In the first phase, the critical mass is specified as a combined purchase order of 500 cars. This number of orders brings the price of a family class car excactly to the same level as the price of a conventional car fitted with an Internal Combustion Engine(ICE).

A mass produced update

Electric Cars – Now! will materialize it’s car by updating new and slightly used ICE cars into Zero Emission Vehicles(ZEV). The pollutant gasoline engine is being dismantled, as well as all parts connected to the engine, such as exhaust, tank etc. Then the car will be fitted with pinnacle electric technology of the present day. The assembly consists of a high quality permanent magnet motor, state-of-the-art lithium batteries, and a computer with an Internet connection, controlling the system.

Electric cars produced as described will save significant amounts of energy and recources compared to manufacturing of new cars.
Factory-made update kits enable the installation within a few hours.
Mass production brings along savings that, for their part, bring the price of an electric car to a very reasonable level.

The programme also creates significant possibilities for a whole new market. Countless start-up enterprises will have a chance to become experts of technology of the new generation, by converting conventional cars into electric cars. In ten years time the traffic may seem, sound and feel something completely different – as well as the air in urban areas, meaning: quieter and cleaner.

The strength of collectivity

Electric cars – Now! brings together a wide variety of professionals. Electric car experts, wizards of IT world and professionals of marketing&media are bringing their contribution to the project. Our aim is not to make profit, but to do something revolutionary.

The force that pushes this project forward, has already overturned the world of IT. That force is the Open Source. It has made the Linux OS the most favoured operating system used in Internet servers. It has also created an entirely new way of sharing mental capital, and to do business with various new products and services.

The same power will open the closed code, which the present car industry is based on.

Electric Cars – Now! is an open programme, which is free for any similar community to reproduce. We promise to share all information about the components, the assembly, and the work at large.

Take part in the climate work party – one car at a time

Electric car enables traffic with no emissions, and it also sets motoring free from oil dependency. Our planet is facing a serious threat in form of the climate change. Electric car is an effective measure in order to reduce the greenhouse gases.
At the same time, the energy industry can proceed towards fully utilizing renewable energy recources.

One electric car doesn’t fix the problem of climate change.
But, driving an electric car, you become a part of the solution,
instead being a part of the problem.

Benefits of the project in a nutshell

  • this is the first EV conversion project which aims to an average-priced electric car
  • the first cars produced by the community are available as soon as 2008
  • a quarter of carbon dioxide emissions of a car, within the car’s lifespan, is being produced during the manufacturing process. Converting excisting cars doesn’t cause any more emissions
  • the project will be operated collectively and openly. Anyone can join and/or establish a corversion enterprise of their own
  • communitisation gathers along professionals from different branches, people who are prepared to bring their contribution to common interest
  • the foundation of the campain is in a market survey, which indicated a vast interest towards electric cars, collecting some 300 potential buyers in just 10 days
  • the project boosts the implementation of clean energy by showing how producing resonable-priced electric cars is possible
  • the project speeds up the mass production of electric cars
  • the action takes place in Finland, where taxation of cars is been estimated by the emissions. The taxation practice favours Zero Emission cars, an important factor which is also a big help in putting the plan into practice
  • the cars produced by this project are available in the whole of Finland, and export of Finnish electric cars will become possible in the near future
  • Finland has subtantial know-how on the branch, particularly in the battery technology, one good example is FEVT Oy Ltd., which is one of the potential component suppliers
  • new ground-breaking technology for conversions, such as the graphical user interface, eGUI to be used in all the mass-converted eCars.

Electric cars in a nutshell

  • outstandingly durable: the motor includes only one moving part
  • overwhelmingly efficient: the operating effeciency can be as high as 95%, when an internal combustion engine reaches only 20-25%
  • outstanding performance: full torque is in use from 1 rpm
  • superior in silence: all you hear is a smooth buzz
  • world-beatingly clean: When charged with solar-, hydro- or windpower, electric car is genuinely a Zero Emission vehicle
  • easy and uncomplicated to charge
  • requires minimum service

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Futher information

You are welcome to inquire for futher details via e-mail: moc.liamg|woNsraCe#moc.liamg|woNsraCe
A slide-by-slide presentation of the eCars - Now! community and the eCorolla project is available here.

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